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Your Bike: Find the Right Size

Fit is crucial for comfort, control, and proper power and endurance on a bike. Here are some basic bike fit tips:

* Stand-over Height

Your Bike: Find the Right Price

The Right Price
A bike’s price boils down to three essentials: frame materials, bike weight, and component quality and durability.

* Entry-level
You’ll find a wide range of comfort and cruiser bikes in this category, as well as some lower-end mountain bikes and road bikes. Most will have steel frames and components that are designed to last for several years with frequent use.

* Mid-range

Your Bike: Find the Right Ride

The Right Ride
In general, bikes are broken down into three major categories:

* Road and Racing Bikes
As a general rule, road and racing are built for speed and longer distances on paved surfaces. Thinner tires, lightweight 29-inch (700c) wheels, and drop bars that allow for a more aerodynamic position are the norm. Most road bikes, regardless of price, offer many gears for tackling both hilly and flat terrain.

* Mountain Bikes

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